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The ZIP file below contains schemas for validating RSS-CB 1.1 feeds.

Unzip the ZIP file and place the file(s) to be validated in the same directory. To use a schema, put the following within the rdf:RDF element at the beginning of your RSS-CB XML file.

 xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" rdf.xsd"

If you have any problems with or suggestions for the schemas, please post at the RSS-CB Q&A Forum

Note on validating engines

The following schema validation engines work with these schemas: XSV 2.10-1, MSXML 6.0 SAX Parser, MSXML 6.0 DOM Parser, .NET XML Parser, Xalan Java 2.6.0 and Saxonica

Element order is important!

Note that the schemas enforce the order of the elements. Elements should appear in the same order as in the application guides.

Put all Dublin Core elements before the main RSS-CB element (<cb:event>, <cb:news> etc) within the item, the <dc> namespace first, then <dcterms>. If you're not sure, just refer to the examples on the Wiki, which are in the correct order.

Sample XML files

Here are some XML files that are valid using the validating engines listed above, the contents of which come from the various application examples on this Wiki. If your RSS-CB file does not validate, please check these sample files.

RSS-CB Speech Feed Generator

For RSS-CB providers that do not (or do not yet) have a content management system or other database-driven way of generating the feeds automatically, we provide here a web page containing a form that can be used to generate the XML for a feed, that could then be placed directly on to the file system of your website. At the moment, only speech feeds are supported, but pages for other RSS-CB applications can be provided if there is demand.

How does it work? Unzip the following file on your PC. Open up the HTML file in a browser, fill in the details and hit the button. Valid RSS-CB XML will appear on-screen that you can then copy and paste into a file to store on your web server. See the readme.txt file in the ZIP for more info.

NB: This feed generator does not yet include the new location elements cb:locationAsWritten, cb:locationCountry, cb:locationState and cb:locationCity. Please contact admin(REPLACE THIS WITH AT) if you are planning to use this tool and would like it to be updated.

Need help?

Please visit the RSS-CB forum to ask questions about using the tools - and about RSS-CB in general.

Obsolete files

These are links to previous versions of RSS-CB schemas and related files.

- None available right now