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Jump to: navigation, search is designed as a forum for cooperation between central bank staff involved in the broad field of web communications, including web developers, researchers, communications and press professionals, managers and more. Only registered users can edit pages - if you would like to be registered, please contact admin(AT)


RSS-CB wiki

RSS-CB (RSS for central banks) is an extension of RSS feeds, a standard website mechanism that news sites use to inform their readers about latest news items. Information on how to produce these feeds is available in the RSS-CB section of this website. Questions and answers on implementing and using RSS-CB can be found at the Central Bank Online Communications group forum.

Central Bank Online Communications group

This wiki and the related forum are maintained by the Central Bank Online Communications (CBOC) group. The group's activities are governed by a charter and office-holders are selected by the group each year.


Face-to-face meetings held by web communications professionals from central banks occur from time to time. Links to upcoming and past meetings can be found on this wiki.

Getting started

We have also created a CBWiki test area to help beginners to editing Wikis. It is a page that you can practise editing - there is no "real" content there. Try out anything you like to see how easy it is to edit this wiki (and others).