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Steven Bagshaw-BIS 11:04, 5 June 2007 (BST): This page needed some work. I've made a little start.

Once it's in a decent state, I'll put it into the "quick access" menu on the left.

Steven Bagshaw-BIS 15:07, 16 May 2008 (BST) This page still needs some work. :-)

I've taken out all the unanswered questions and put them below. Once we can answer them, they should be put back on the main page.



What is RSS and why should we care?

General principles about serving customers, common to all web providers... [MORE CONTENT REQUIRED]


(or may be: "Why use RSS-CB over plain RSS?")
("don't reinvent the wheel regarding common interests")
("standard ways of communicating with each other within the CB community")
("CB Hub to consolidate information across CBs in a standard format")

What is the difference between the specification, the user guide and the application guides?

Who will benefit if we implement RSS-CB feeds?

(or may be: "Why should my organization support RSS-CB?")

As we already have RSS feeds, why should we take an effort to convert to RSS-CB compliant feeds?

Can I read RSS-CB feeds in my current RSS feed reader?

("yes, but you will miss..." or something like that)

Implementation details

What RSS readers are central bank website visitors most frequently using?

Language issues

We have a site in our national language and English. Should we duplicate each feed in the two languages?

…but we have more content on our national language site. Should the English feed be correspondingly "shorter"?

We have very little content in English. Can RSS-CB help us?

Post-implementation issues

If we publish short items in RSS, how do we track usage since users may no longer visit our website?