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I guess this

 <rdf:type rdf:resource""/>

should rather be

 <rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>

(same in all other examples).

Regards, Nicolas

      • Thanks Nicolas, I fixed 4 instances of that error. Steve


It seems to me that the guide refers to the wrong cb namespace. The spec (and the schema) expect


The guide however refers to


Regards, Nicolas

Steve here. Not sure which one is correct - Paul or Mike?

Missing rdf:type in cb:event element

Not sure if this is the best place to post bug reports regarding the RDF schemas?

There should be a rdf:type element below cb:event. This is missing in Rev 39 (I did not check older revs).

The other types (news, paper, speech, etc.) are all OK.

Regards, Nicolas

Nicolas - probably the best place is in the RSS-CB forum at

I don't think people check the wiki so much any more, as the content has been fairly stable for quite some time now.


Thanks Steve - I just placed a message on the forum.